FREE album download of Larochelle’s new album, “Surrounded”

10 colourful tracks inspired from our roots: folk, blues, jazz and rock. Get your free download link by sharing this page. Simply follow the instructions below to get your free copy. Cheers!

A little more about the album

Rising from the ashes of our first band (Two Green Cats), Larochelle was intended to be William’s personal project. Influenced by folk, rock, blues and even jazz music, the writing began around 2015. Working with bandmates Christian Desjardins (bass) and David Bérubé (drums), was also included signer Claudia Thuot as a backing vocalist in “Mamba”. The goal, on this album, was to give it a live feel. With this mindset, errors, spills, tempo variations and out of tune notes can be heard, just like if you were listening to the songs on a live set. It’s also an attempt to focus on the lyrics and the compositions instead of the quality of the recording. Speaking of recording, rhythm guitar, bass and drums were all tracked at the same time. We worked at Elefen Audio and sessions were run by William. Mixing and mastering has been done by Charles-Émile Beaudin. The photo of the artwork has been taken by Martin Lussier. We hope you’ll enjoy this album as much as we enjoyed creating it. You can listen to it on your favorite plateform, but since we do not charge anything for it, we invite you to share it on Facebook and subscribe to our mailing list for more free content. For any inquiries about the album or the band, please contact us at Thank you!